Tumbling Blocks: A Community Quilt

Contribute to a Community Quilt Project

Quilt Example

A quilt is a covering, it makes one feel at home, safe. Our charge for most of the year has been to stay safe as individuals and stay home for the strength and health of the community at large. Montpelier Alive is launching a new public art project, the "Tumbling Blocks" quilt, to stitch together our community.  

Individual designs created by the community at home will be glued onto panels to come together as a community quilt.

The “quilt” will be installed on the large panel walls at the Transit Center in Montpelier, VT for all to see. We will unveil the quilt in March 2021 to mark one year of the COVID-19 pandemic impacting our community. 

We will wrap a blanket around the community. We want YOU to be part of this project! How can you be involved? Download our quilt template, unleash your artistic passions, turn in the completed template, and your art will be part of our larger piece! 


  1. Write your name on the back of your submission in pencil.
  2. Color in the tumbling blocks template on the back of this page. Designs can be solid or patterned. You may use crayon, marker, ink, pencil or paint.
  3. Cut out along the bold black lines.
  4. Drop off your submission at the Montpelier City Hall back drop box by February 12, 2021 (early submissions appreciated!).

Questions? Email Director@montpelieralive.org 


You can also find pre-printed copies of the template at Bear Pond Books, Capitol Stationers, The Drawing Board, and Woodbury Mountain Toys beginning the week of January 18. 

Thank you to AARP Vermont for supporting this project!