Family Olympics

Family Olympics Coming to July 3rd Celebration, 2 pm on the State House Lawn, Sponsored by Capital C

At 2 PM on July 3rd, the State House Lawn will explode with excitement as children and families participate in the 2020 Family Olympics.

The Family Olympics will feature mildly competitive games that promote teamwork and build self-confidence. Families will work together to push an 8-foot beach ball through a maze of cones. Children and adults will bounce their way to victory in a bouncy ball relay. Teams will use paddles to row their scooters across the finish line. Other games will include silly versions of tennis, hurdles, the javelin throw, and many more.

Children and their families are invited to bounce, climb, and slide in all seven of the inflatable obstacle courses and bouncy houses. This year’s games will include an 18 foot slide, a gigantic pirate ship, and a special play place just for toddlers.

The Family Olympics are 100% free but registration and waivers are required.