Green Up Day

Green Up Day 5 2 15-1

This year, Green Up Day will be on Saturday, May 30th. Green Up Day is a special day in Vermont when volunteers come for a massive spring clean up of litter. To ensure the safety of participants, Green Up Day will look different this year than it has in the past, but it’ll still serve as opportunity to make Montpelier sparkle and as a testament to the power of our community.

This year, if you’d like to volunteer with Montpelier’s Green Up Day efforts, stop by one of three Green Up Day stations downtown between 8:30am-2pm on Saturday, May 30th. These Green Up Day stations will be placed at the following locations:

  • Near the Montpelier Farmers Market across from the new Transit Center (2 Taylor Street)
  • Next to the information booth by the Episcopal Church at the intersection of State and Elm Street (60 State Street)
  • In front of City Hall (39 Main Street)

All of these Green Up Day stations will be self-serve, supplying Green Up Days bags, gloves, safety and health information, and instructions for using our online mapping tool. Each will also be equipped with hand sanitizer for you to use. Please touch only the supplies you need for greening up. Be safe, wear gloves, and follow current Vermont Department of Health protocols while you green up.

This year, we especially encourage you to use our online mapping tool (, a no-touch platform for coordinating our Green Up Day efforts. The online mapping tool allows volunteers to see which areas have been claimed and which ones we still need help with in real time. To claim a stretch of road, park, or parking lot using the tool, click the small Green Up Day icon under the search bar, and then select a street, park, or parking lot. This will allow you to “adopt” the area.

You can leave full Green Up Day bags curbside within city limits. The crew from the Montpelier Department of Public Works will pick up the bags of litter after Green Up Day.

Thank you for your help making Montpelier sparkle!